1. Virtual Chief Information officer (vCIO)
    This is a contractor, or company, that serves as an organization's chief information officer. The vCIO collaborates with and advises clients' IT departments and performs the same functions as a conventional CIO. Small businesses find this service extremely beneficial. We will sit in on strategy meetings and then offer advice or solutions as needed. Most companies don’t think to invite their outsourced tech firm to sit in on strategy or budget meetings. Think about it, shouldn’t the person giving you advice on what technologies you should use have the full picture of what your company is trying to accomplish? We can also review all of the current technology you are currently using and help decide which stays and which should go. The technician that provides this services has 20 years of tech experience and also has an MBA. Having the MBA is a huge advantage in this role. By having an MBA, the vCIO can offer and implement solutions while taking into account the business aspects of the firm.
  2. Technical Support
    Computers, the many types of hardware and software that surrounds us on a daily basis breaks or malfunctions all the time. Interlink will be able to fix the problem and get you up and running again in a timely manner. Some of the services we offer: Onsite and Offsite Device Support Hardware and Software installation Break / Fix Emergency Response Procurement User Support Mobile device support
  3. Internet and Network Support
    We can configure the Internet to work properly with your network. There are many types of solutions that will connect your employees with each other and the Internet, we can weed through them and find the best match for your company. Some of the types of Network Support we offer: Managed, meaning automated network monitoring. Manual, meaning physical checkup and break fix support. WiFi Installation and support Firewall and Router management. Anti-Virus / content filtering options Design, build and physical setup services Advanced Network Security options
  4. Cloud Support and Migration
    The Cloud is a very broad word. Basically it means that the servers you use are housed outside of your office. We can setup cloud based servers to perform just about anything you are hosting inside your network. We mostly use Microsoft and Amazon's cloud infrastructure for our clients. We can use their servers to host your technology needs, such as: E-mail Database functions File storage In-House Web based applications
  5. Office 365 Support and Migration
    Interlink has been a Microsoft partner for Ten years. We know Office 365 and can help you migrate to it or support existing accounts. This is not a set it and forget it service. You still need to support it. Did you know Microsoft does not backup your e-mail? Yes, they have redundancy, but if something major happens, your data is not guaranteed. We can offer solutions to insure your e-mail is safe. Some of the Microsoft Office 365 services we offer: Setup and migration of current e-mail Office program setup such as Word and Outlook Office and e-mail troubleshooting Spam and archive management Skype for Business, which now includes messaging
  6. Data Backup Support and Security
    You need a comprehensive method for storing and backing up your data. All of the information that the company owns should be stored inside and outside of your office. We can help you do this so that when things go south, your data is still safe. We can do this in a secure way so that nobody is looking at your data but you. Here are a few reasons why do you need to store company data outside of your office: 1. Internal Hardware failure or backup failure 2. Natural disasters or a fire 3. Data Backup is removed from employees control, thus can not be tampered with