Kacey decided to start Interlink Technologies in 2006 because of his passion for technology.  His technology interest started in the early 1980's after his father brought a computer home.  Not many kids had a computer back then, but since his father worked at IBM he was able to take advantage of the employee purchasing program and score a PC junior.  After receiving his degree from New Paltz in 2005, Kacey headed to Manhattan to find work. He took on a few computers jobs before finding full time employment at Turner Broadcasting.  In 1999 Kacey’s official technology career started when he landed a job with the MTA network team.  While working as a network technician he realized that working with technology came easy to him and the days flew by.  The culture at the MTA did not suite him.  He sought out a position with a consulting firm where he would be moved around and challenged on a daily basis.  After five years with the consulting firm, it was time to open up shop for himself.   In preparation for this new venture he earned his MBA from the University of Maryland.  With his newly acquired MBA and the experience he had obtained, he knew the time was right to start his own company.
Kacey built Interlink from the ground up and has helped many companies transition from technology being a daily problem to technology being a vital tool in their organization.