A Letter from our CEO

If you have read this far I’m assuming you are somewhat interested in our company, which I thank you for.  In 2005 I knew it was time for a change and had to make a decision.  I figured there were three basic options for me at this point.  The first was to go into the corporate world and work for big banking or media.  While there I could try to rise through the ranks to earn a top position.  The second was to seek out another consulting firm where I could advance higher than what my current firm allowed.  The third, and spoiler alert, it’s what I chose, was to start my own consulting firm where I would run it exactly the way I thought it should be run.  After landing my first client I never looked back.  I opened up shop within weeks and started the ride they call entrepreneurship.  After telling this story to other business owners you are confronted by the fact that many others have similar startup stories.  There is a common feeling amongst us that we are not here to just fill a spot on someone’s Human Resource chart.  We are here to make a difference and provide something that others can use to help them succeed.
We at Interlink start the day with the premise that our clients need our help.  It is our job as problem solvers to come up with the solution that best solves the problem presented to us.  Just about everything we do combats some sort of a problem.  On a daily basis we have to adjust to the issues that are presented to us by our clients.  For example, someone may call to have a printer installed, which is very simple problem solving for us.  Fifteen minutes later someone else will call and say they are opening two satellite offices and need to have all employees working as if they are in the same office.  This will take a little more effort, but as always we would be up for the challenge. 
Sometimes the word boutique gets over used, but it is a perfect word to describe what we do.  We are a Boutique Technology support firm.  What this means is that every client is treated in a unique way.  We are hands on and will take the time to figure out your problem, not just slap a piece of tape on it.  Interlink does not offer a cookie cutter type of experience for our clients.  While some of the support may seem the same, we will always take a hands on approach and know exactly who we are dealing with.  We understand that this type of support costs a little more.  We ask that you look at the yearly or even bi-yearly expense of running your technology as a whole instead of the per instance bill that shows up once a month.  We also ask that you take into account the productivity that has been achieved by working with a professional firm who is familiar with your environment and does not need to feel their way through a problem. The motto, you get what you pay for rings out pretty true when taking into account the type of technology support you receive.  If you’re looking for someone who actually cares about what happens at your firm and is always looking out for your best interest, then Interlink has the solution for you.  If you’re basing everything on price and just want someone to come in and fix printers and such, then we are not the correct fit.
Interlink offers a few different billing options.  We can setup a monthly or yearly maintenance contract, we can bill per instance, or we can setup a retainer account that will take advantage of our maintenance discount.
If Interlink Technologies feels like a fit with your company culture, please contact us and I will personally speak to you about your Technology needs.

My best-
Kacey Fern
Interlink Technologies